Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

It's New Years eve. Tonight many people, including myself, will be staying up until midnight to say a bittersweet "good bye" to 2007 and a hearty "hello" to 2008. About now, I'm thinking to myself, "It can't be 2008 already! I've hardly blinked and 2007 is almost over." Is this how everyone feels, or is it just me?

So many things have happened this year. I look back and I see the major events that have occurred, from around the world to my hometown. I can see last year's resolutions I managed to keep until maybe February, then failed. I can see joyous times and tragic times; clear times and murky times. Brimming with everything from great (and awful) new movies to crazy presidential campaigning, 2007 has most certainly been a full year.

But what about my spiritual life? Has it been full, or empty? Did I accomplish anything spiritually? Have I grown in Christ at all?

I’m glad to say, that by the grace of God, I believe I have. What about you?

And here, I will fill up blank space with a poem I wrote when I was eleven.

"Another Year"

Another year
Come and gone,
Along with family,
Amongst a throng.
Time flies by
So quickly now.
Here, then lost.
We wonder how.

Another year
Filled with kindness,
Filled with love,
And joyfulness.
Filled with hope,
And hopes to come,
With joyful music—
Pipes and drums

Another year,
One more, one less,
With God’s love
And graciousness.
He loved us so,
He died for us.
We thank Him always
With gratefulness

And so this year
Comes to a close
Time arrives, stays short
And goes.
They don’t return
Unlike the birds.
We can’t describe them all
With words.

So keep the memories
Stored inside.
Relish each detail
From deep to wide.
But never forget our heavenly Father
Who will always be
Our loving Savior.

Another year
To start anew
Thanks be to God
“For all that You do.”

Hey, it rhymes. Gotta give me credit for that.

Have a blessed new year “filled with hope and hopes to come”!

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